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Women in Food and Farming

One of my favorite things about this farm is the team with whom I share it each day: a group of strong, intelligent, dedicated, funny, and compassionate women. They bring so much of themselves into this space, and everyone’s individuality and strengths have taken this farm to a place I could not have imagined when we began. I am so grateful for this group of badass women.

Gracie’s Farm is unique in its composition, a woman-owned, woman-run, and woman-powered farm. And this distinctive characteristic has been the inspiration that has created one of our most favorite events of the year. Next week we honor the women who have shaken up the fields (pun intended) they have forged.

Starting Tuesday, July 25th, The Lodge at Blue Sky and Gracie’s Farm will host the Women in Food and Farming event, celebrating the role of women in agriculture, culinary artistry, wine, sporting clays, and horsemanship. This four day event will embrace and honor the way women have found their way into male-dominated professions, and created something new, something beautiful.

The week will consist of farming workshops, cooking classes, wine tastings, private sporting clay experiences, a farm-to-table dinner, a women-led cattle roping experience, and happy hours with the female experts. Gracie’s Farm is so honored to host and welcome these outstanding women:

Barb Phillips, Owner of the Lodge at Blue Sky and Founder of the Saving Gracie’s Rescue Foundation

Chef Rhoda Magbitang, Executive Chef, Mattei’s Tavern

Suzanne Phifer Pavitt, CEO and Founder of Phifer Pavitt Winery

Britt Templin, Owner and Co-Founder of Templin Family Brewing

Corey Cogdell-Unrein, 3-Time Olympic Medalist, International Trapshooting

A link to all of the events can be found HERE

We at Gracie’s are so excited for this series of events, and hope to see many of you at some or all of them.

Thank you,



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