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Summer Experiences

Farm Tour

Learn the history and regenerative practices of Gracie's Farm. Tour our fields, try some of the tools and participate in some of the farm chores. Intimately experience the way we grow, giving more to the land than we take from it, and the way in which we prioritize soil integrity.

Farm School

Spend time with one of our passionate team of "FarmHers" at this female led regenartive farm. Learn secrets for creating a biodiverse farm and how we've implemented sustainable practices within a short high-alpine growing season. Return to your roots: Participate in an array of farm chores that allow you to get your hands dirty, your body active, and your mind calm, such as irrigating crops, broadforking, cultivating, transplanting vegetables into the ground, and planting seeds in the greenhouse. When the farm chores are done, you may have the opportunity to harvest the tender greens, baby root vegetables, and flowers that make our farm so special

Offered June through October

Winter Experiences


Tea Blending

Pick herbs from our greenhouse and sit down in the cozy barn to concoct your own special tea blend to comfort your health needs. The farm offers both fresh and dried herbs all year, and the winter is a great time to create a tea blend made specifically for you.

Eco-Printing / Fabric Dyeing

An experiential art class that uses natural dyes derived from pigment-rich wildflowers and crops which are grown with love and regenerative practices at Gracie's Farm. Learn to hand-dye a silk scarf using old-world pressing and steaming techniques that extract the plant-based dyes for optimal color saturation.

Salve Making

Choose from our winter forageables or what we have growing in the greenhouse to create your own medicinal tinctures and salves. Learn about what we grow and what we can forage at Gracie’s Farm.

Offered December through February

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