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  "To everything, there is a season... And a time for every purpose..." 


While I leave out some of the interwoven lyrics and verse, I can’t help but find this passage so appropriate for this time of year. A recognition of the balance and cycle that happens on the farm. Winter on the farm, while still productive, is a time of quiet and slowing down. The plants grow slower, the air is much quieter with the damping effect of the snow, and the pace feels more relaxed and intentional. 


We grow year-round at Gracie’s Farm, producing greens, roots, and other hardy vegetables. It is a feat in itself to grow at 5800 feet in the height of summer, and it is another story to keep that production going in the dead of winter. It takes patience, respect, and humility to appreciate and honor nature’s whims and tendencies. 


During these months, I am busy planning out the growing season to come. Choosing crops and assigning them all a space in the field along with every planting date and every consecutive harvest date. 


This is also the time that we decide on and plan our events on the farm for the upcoming season. For us, the highlight of our event season is our Farm Dinner Series, for which dates will be released shortly! This season is sure to be another stellar set of offerings. 


What I’d really like to highlight in this newsletter, however, is a new program we will be offering on the farm this coming year. We are so excited about this, and wanted to announce this here first, to all of our loyal supporters: Gracie’s Farm Workshop Series.   


The Farm has become a gathering place, a space of community, a place of connection. We want to expand our reach into an educational and integrative venue. Throughout the year, we will be partnering with other local businesses and producers to bring unique and thoughtful “workshops” to the farm. These will be opportunities to come out to the farm, outside of the typical farm visits (dinners and farm stand), to engage with the community, see what we do, and perhaps learn a couple of things too.  


Our calendar will be up on our website soon, but I wanted to take this opportunity to invite you to our first workshop coming up in February. Join us at the Broadfork Barn on Thursday, Feb 15th from 3:30 - 5:00 pm for a Cocktail Curation Class featuring ingredients grown on the farm. Natalie Hamilton, our in-house guru and goddess of wine and cocktails, will lead this heartfelt class leading guests through creative and sumptuous cocktail creation, garnished with the freshest ingredients from the farm. It will be a beautiful way to spend an afternoon with a loved one. Tickets are available here, and are limited, so don’t delay… 


I will be back soon with all of the dates of this new workshop series, our farm dinner dates, and a few more announcements coming from the farm that will make this season extra special.


For now, stay warm and find rest.


Lynsey and the FarmHers


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