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It’s before dawn on the second day of spring, and the mind of this farmer spins and scrolls with the growing list of tasks. The winter feels like a memory with faded and erased edges. The imminent growing season, the one who holds the pencil, slowly erasing those memories, while whispering and scribbling its own musings, to announce its arrival.

The spring is renewal. It’s a reminder that life abounds and magic happens, in both the physical landscape and the soul of a farmer. It’s an awakening and reminder of the beauty and passion I feel for what I do. Something happens in my body and mind on the first days of spring, and I’m all of a sudden ready for what is to come. It’s a light switch. The winter’s darkness and rest has nourished the mind, filled the soul, and repaired muscles and bones. Each spring comes as a check in for me, a confirmation and call that I’m ready to do this again.

And I am… doing it again. My wonderful team and I are ramping up, and seeds are being sown. Greenhouse work has begun, and ground preparation is underway. The farm is in its fifth growing season, and just like any season, I cannot predict how it will go. But the outlook is beautiful, with much of the same bounty of produce, and with additional plans for an extended perennial selection, and the beginnings of an orchard. 

Along with our operational work, we are deep in planning many exciting and some new events on the farm this year. The Farm Dinner Series returns in all of its glory and tickets are already on sale for these incredible experiences. With a new chef, Guillermo Tellez, they are sure to be exciting and as always, beautiful. We have also added a new series of workshops on the farm that will happen throughout the year. Tickets for these events are also available, and can be found here

On that note, we are hosting our next workshop, Brews and Hues, on Friday, March 29th. Guests will learn about and use the flowers and seeds that we collect and harvest in the fall to dye and print beautiful silk scarves. Throughout the immersive dying experience, we will taste and sip on some delicious kombuchas, which are brewed locally. Finally, we will take you on a short farm tour to peek into what is happening in our greenhouse and in the fields. It is sure to be a beautiful afternoon from which guests will take home their unique and lovely silk scarf. Tickets and more information are available here.

I look forward to welcoming you to the farm, whether it be a dinner or a workshop, or our farm stand, set to open in June. Spring renews me, but the joy of opening the farm to all of you, fills me up…

See you all soon,

The Gracie's Farm Team



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